The 2018 Hotel Marketing Guide

So your hotel has a great location, excellent amenities and service, and comfortable accommodations. But the question is, are your potential guest aware of them to actually book a stay in your hotel? Having a great hotel means nothing if no one knows how great it is. This is why having a marketing strategy should be a priority in 2018. In this guide we will give you the tips to market your hotel and stand out from your competitors.

  1. Make Sure You Have A Website – A website is the most most important part of your hotel marketing. Your website will showcase your hotel and services, your information, contact details, room rates, amenities, photo gallery and help your guest make a reservation and get instant confirmation. If you don’t have a website yet, you’re missing lots of opportunities to be found by potential guest.
  2. Set The Right Price – Striking the balance between a profitable and a competitive rate can get tricky. To find your perfect price, compare your hotel to other similar hotels. What are they charging? What are they offering? How are you similar? If you’re charging more, how do you justify it? Evaluate the value proposition of competitors and determine whether your pricing actually makes sense.
  3. List your Hotel On Online Travel Agencies – Expand your presence to travel sites, especially online travel agencies (OTAs). There are currently two OTAs with the biggest network, Expedia and Priceline. Both companies make it easy for hotels to have a presence in all of the booking sites they own. Once you sign up as an Expedia partner, your hotel will be automatically listed in Expedia-owned sites, including,, Trivago and Travelocity. Similarly, when you sign up to be a Priceline partner, you will be present in their partner sites, such as, Agoda and Kayak. While OTAs can be good in getting you lots of reservations, they don’t do that for free. The OTA takes a commission for every booking.
  4. Have An Excellent TripAdvisor Profile – Apart from checking your website, customers will check online reviews about your hotel. Managing your hotel’s online reputation is the most effective step to improve your marketing. Get listed on TripAdvisor for free. When you are present on TripAdvisor, there’s a great opportunity for customers to find you online, leave feedback, rate your hotel, and give recommendations to other travelers.
  5. Respond to Online Reviews – No matter how good your business is, you are bound to have an unhappy customers. The best way to address negative reviews is to respond to them by answering their concerns or offering a solution to their problem. When you respond to an online review, you’re not just helping the individual who posted the review. You’re also helping the next guest who reads that review understand that you want to satisfy the needs of all your guests. And that’s incredibly valuable for your future guests to see.
  6. Create A Loyalty Program – Reward guests who frequently patronize your hotel with discounts, freebies, or other promotional incentives. Business travelers will often visit the same city multiple times, and even people who travel for leisure may make multiple trips to your city. A loyalty program can encourage them to stay at your hotel every time they visit your area. The most common loyalty offering is a free night’s stay or discounted night’s stay after a guest has booked your hotel for a certain number of nights.

Bottom Line: Hotel Marketing doesn’t need a big marketing budget – you just need to be strategic on how you do it and you’ll be on your way to receiving regular bookings at your hotel.

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