Instagram for Hotels and Restaurants

Instagram is one of the most effective social media channels to promote hotels and restaurant. One billion people us Instagram each month,  with each user spending an average of 28 minutes a day on the platform with 200 million Instagram users visiting at least one business profile daily.

Travel and Food are very popular on Instagram

There is perhaps no industry better suited to Instagram than the hotel and restaurant industry. Travel and food ranks within the top trending topics on Instagram – human beings just love to eat, get inspired, share about their travels! If your business can provide inspirational content that Instagram users are looking for, then it can be a great way to inspire people to flock to your business.

Here are some ideas to help you market your business on Instagram

Use Influencers: if you can get a food and travel blogger with a large following to post about your hotel or restaurant, you’ll get a ton of brand exposure to an interested audience. Some influencers will charge for their services, but there are some who are willing to work with you on an x-deal. How big of an influencer following should you be looking for? A good number would be 30k-50k followers, anyone with a following of over 50k+ could be expensive.

Stick to a Feed Colour Palette: It could be the predominant colour of your decor or overall theme — whatever colour palette you choose as your main theme, try and stick to it consistently. People don’t like random and inconsistent looking content that looks messy and less aesthetically pleasing. Marketing on Instagram is entirely visual, and a consistent and cohesive feed is critical to the success of your instagram profile.

Create something unique and use it as your brand image: Instagram is all about being viral. Create a symbol (or mascot) that will be forever associated with your business (Jollibee has that bee). Pick something that is highly Instagrammable and unique. Your customers will become your brand ambassadors when they share photos of this “cool” instagrammable thing, and people will come to your business because they have seen it on Instagram.

Highlight your business: Instagram lets you to create a story around your business. Make each post complement your overall brand story. Share content that will boost your business’ image and uniqueness. Enhance images with the use of filters (bright themes are quite effective). Highlight your service and facilities, but make sure to show people in the photos for a realistic scene that captures the spirit of hospitality.

Invite everyone to contribute: Go behind the scenes to give your audience a glimpse of the hard working staff that help make your guest’s visit a memorable experience. Share images of the kitchen staff prepping meals, of reception welcoming guest, and of housekeepers showing the dedicated care and attention to detail. Encourage guests to take selfies. You could stage ‘selfie spots’ with decor and signages around your business.

Use hashtags: Hashtags are what will make an Instagram post searchable. Use hashtags to describe the picture, the activity and the location. Search for people hashtagging your business, like and comment on similar post to engage and create a conversation. Create hashtags for your travel promotions and special deals campaigns and include them in posts. Start with three or four per post and add some more as you progress.

Run Contest & Giveaways: A good marketing tactic for Instagram is to run contest. This increases engagement — with your followers liking and commenting to enter — broadens your reach — by making ‘tag a friend’ a requirement for entry. Your followers will help increase brand awareness for you by tagging people in your contest post!

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