Social Media Marketing for Travel

Instagram is one of the most effective social media channels for hoteliers to promote their hotel. It has 700 million users with 32% of all internet users on Instagram. It offers a simple, clean feed, that is completely mobile, and it makes everything look great. And the good news for hoteliers is that it’s very popular with travellers.

Travel is very popular on Instagram

Travel ranks within the top trending topics on Instagram – human beings just love to get inspired, share and brag about beautiful holiday destinations! If your hotel or travel company can provide inspirational content that Instagram users are looking for, then it can be a great way to inspire travellers to flock to their brand.

Here are 4 simple ideas to help you create Instagram-worthy posts

1. Highlight the hotel’s facilities

Instagram allows you to create a story around your business. Make each post complement the overall brand story. Share content that will boost your business’ image and unique selling points. Enhance images with the use of filters (Bright themes are quite effective). Highlight the your service and facilities, but make sure to show people in the photos for a dynamic image that captures the spirit of hospitality.

2. Ask everyone to contribute

Go behind the scenes to give followers a glimpse of the hard working staff that help make a guest’s stay a memorable experience. Share images of the kitchen staff prepping meals, the staff having fun on a night out, the front office welcoming guest, and of housekeeping showing the dedicated care and attention to detail. Encourage guests to take selfies and make selfie sticks available. You could even stage ‘selfie spots’ with signage around your hotel.

3. Go beyond your business

Promote your destination by sharing content from a local’s point of view, show scenery and attractions to give followers a sense of place beyond the hotel. Engage with the posts of other travel operators in the area. When uploading imagery, be sure to use hashtags and location tags so that photos are searchable.

4. Use hashtags

Hashtags are what will make an Instagram post searchable. Use hashtags to describe the picture, the activity and the location. Search for people hashtagging the hotel, like and comment on similar post to engage and create a conversation. Create hashtags for your travel promotions and special deals campaigns and include them in posts. Start with three or four per post and add some more as you progress.

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